Hello everyone!

Here I am, back in the blogasphere. I’ve been wanting to get back to this blog thing for some time now. For artists, it’s an important part of their business and just another way to get your work seen by others. For me, it’s not only that, this blog is about what inspires me and also sharing some of my projects with you.

Without further ado, here is a project I worked on for my mother in May. The prior month I had the fantastic opportunity to take a class from the White House Chief Calligrapher, Pat Blair. Among many other things, she taught how to make mandala’s, which is what you see above.

I had seen work done like this before and if you’re interested in seeing more, please view Jane Farr’s work. She is so incredibly talented! Check out this mandala she did for a mother. She definitely has a talent for mandala’s. Here is a link to Jane’s blog, A Place To Flourish, her Etsy store, her Flickr page, and if you want to see her breathtaking work for weddings click here.

More changes are on the way for Tiffany Ink. A web site, an Etsy store and more additions to this blog, including more mandala’s. Stay tuned for Wednesday and my Wednesday Walks with the man in my life, my dog, Kosmo. Rain or shine, we’ll be walkin’ and I’ll be creating some art that I’ll share with you too. See you then!