For a little more than six months now I’ve been interested and practicing a new art form, chalkboard art. You’ve seen some I’m sure, and at times may have not noticed it was a chalkboard done by hand, in cafes, pubs, some grocery stores and at farmers markets. A lot of weddings have added a little chalkboard art too.

From seating charts,

direction signs,

to menus for food at the reception and more.

There are a lot of options and it’s really fun to practice too. Here’s one of my first chalkboard signs:

What do you think? Please comment below above. I would love honest feedback.

I’m going to keep on practicing in order to offer the service locally come Spring 2012. So keep your eye out here for some more practice chalkboards.

If you have some time to read about some really inspiring chalkboard art check out Before I Die by artist, Candy Chang. It’s very moving.

image 1: found on Wedding Window from a wedding planned by Unscene; image 2: found on The Knot by Margaret Singer; image 3: found on Elizabeth Anne Designs, photographed by Catie Ronquillo; image 4: made & photographed by Tiffany Laws; image 5: found on Candy Chang’s web site